Contemporary Rug

Rugs and carpets are not only functional but also add elegance and style to any room. They are often used to connect different pieces of furniture with a common theme or serve as a centerpiece that elevates the aesthetic appeal of a space. The Italian style of luxury carpets and rugs, with their geometric patterns or delicate shades, in bright colors or minimalist tones, adds a touch of sophistication to any home.

At Senni, we believe in modernizing traditional objects by using traditional methods. Our curated collections of contemporary rugs are designed to meet the needs of modern living while maintaining the Italian style and luxury textures. Our cutting-edge designs use specially selected materials such as viscose, cotton, wool or silk to create unique rugs that look to the future. Our collections are not only beautiful but also durable, providing a long-lasting and comfortable addition to any room in your home. Choose from our range of contemporary rugs to find the perfect finishing touch for your living space.